Welcome to Somers Time Services!

At Somers Time Services, LLC, we understand the value of your time and the love you have for your fur babies. Based in Tiffin, Ohio, we're dedicated to providing professional cleaning services. Let us help you make more time for what truly matters.


Standard Pick Up Services

Standard services to ensure that your lawn stays clean of your fur babies daily duties.


Special Cleaning Needs

Tailored cleanings for when you need an extra deep cleaning of dog waste removal for your yard.


Deodorizing and Sanitizing

Coming soon!!



Frequently Asked Questions

What area's do you service?

We mostly service the Tiffin area, but are willing to service anyone in Seneca County.

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Somers Time Services, LLC
Tiffin, Ohio, United States


About us

Somers Time Services, LLC is more than just a dog waste cleaning business. Located in the heart of Tiffin, Ohio, we're a team of pet lovers dedicated to making your life easier. We understand the challenges of balancing work, family, and pet care. That's why we offer services designed to ensure you that we provide professional services to make your life easier and free of one of the most undesirable aspects of owning a pet. Our commitment to providing professional care to your family sets us apart. Let us help you create more joyful moments with your family and fur babies.